Friday, April 30, 2010

The fAt FILES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mote ko mota na kaho.......usse dukh hoga!!!!!!! khaate peete ghar ka hu...tere ghar se nahi khaata!!!!!!!! these were the dialogues i had grown up with all my life till now....
as rizwan khaan's aka shahrukh khan's mother says in my name is khan that the world is divided into two types of people...the good people and the bad people........i say the world is divided into two types of people:-
the fat ones
and the thin ones

as the name of the post suggests.. i not so willingly fall in the first category. being a fat person has always been considered a taboo in our society and where this was not less annoying to the first category people......a new revolution was brought about by miss kareena kapoor......a zero size figure.......i mean.....what the hell.......

anyways......i had always been a plump child from the very starting. where my friends use to play basketball and cricket i was busy munching on to mcdonalds burger and pizza hut cheeze bursts. samosas and colas have always been my best friends. it's not that i didn't tried any sports or something. i was too forced to get into hard core sports by my parents. it was only after I failed miserably in all of them that i got back to normal life.
since nothing was left then for me to do, so i threw up myself in books and gradually grew fat and ugly :P

the first few years were a real party--> eat anything, do nothing.

the real problem started creeping up when rejections from girls were pacing up. no girl wanted to sit next to me .............for the simple reason that i used to occupy 3/4th of the seat :P
but till that time the gorgeous delicacies had taken me over already and there was nthing i cud help. the salads and pizzas kept in front of me always kept fighting and i dont know somehow evertym it was the salad that lost the battle.

school got over (without girls) and college started. boys with six pack abs and bulging biceps are always famous in college. i had always believed that i too have six pack abs it was just that i never believed in show off n thaths why I'd hidden them under my layers of skin. but girls never believed this weird reasoning. now by any means i had to loose some weight and this was the time when gym came into action.

joining the gym proved out to be more of a shame rather than was there that i figured out that keeping up in shape is how much important.
girls with such flat abdomen as if some road roller have been moved over them were sweating it out to get a more luscious body.
somehow a team of gym trainers and dietitians became successful in making me look less ugly from what i was in a time span of 5-6 months. i was looking good now.
girls had just started liking me when again......the year long virus sleeping inside me woke up-------->overconfidence

i again started hitting onto my old friends :P with the intent that now nothing is impossible.

and was back to my original skin.

the war still continues....lets see who wins this will or my confidence....rather overconfidence :P


  1. hey kunal.. jus cant resist leaving a post on every article i read here.. they r toooo goood..!!

  2. hehe....thnks nidhi!!!!!! really appreciate that....

  3. Nice post have kept the detailings intact without making it boring. Keep writing :)

  4. ohhh.....ek hi din me padh liye kya saare???? anyways...thanks

  5. salad always lose d battle...same story wid every article...but can relate myself wid dis 1....